FAQ (Domain)



1. How can I register my domain name of choice?

A domain can be registered at any time in the Xara Online Control Center in the "Domain" area under "Register domain". All purchased domains can be used for your websites that are available at Xara Online (websites uploaded via FTP, for example via XARA Web Designer).



2. When will my domain be available?

As soon as you have decided on a domain and completed your registration, Xara Online will send your domain application to the relevant NIC (Network Information Center). For newly registered users, it can take up to three days for the registration to be processed. Normally, registration should be completed within 1-4 hours. Your domain status can be requested at any time via the Control Center in the "Domain" area at www.xara-online.com.

Note: Even with successful registrations, it can take up to 24 hours until your domain is accessible on the Internet. If you have any problems registering your domain, please contact our customer service.


3. I already have a domain with another provider. Can I transfer it to 
Xara Online?
Yes, if you already have a domain with another provider, you can easily switch domains Xara Online using the domain switch form (KK form and provider switch form). After successfully switching domains, your Xara Online website can be opened via your old domain. More information about this can be found here.


4. I can't access my website. Why not?

One of the most common reasons for this is an error typing the Internet address. Please make sure it is spelled correctly. Maintenance work may also be a reason for short-term unavailability. If this is the case, an information page is usually displayed. If your site is still not available after correctly entering it, please contact our customer service.


5. What is a subdomain and what is the subdomain for my website called?


When registering for a Xara Online Website M package you will receive a free subdomain. When you create a website with your Web Designer software you can publish this website on this subdomain. The address of the subdomain is http://yoursubdomain.xara.hosting (another option would be to buy a domain in the "Domain" section in your TaskPilot Control Center).


6. Can I change the address of my subdomain?

Log into your Xara Online Control Center and click on "Settings" in the navigation. You will then be able to change your address via the "Web address" link.


7. Can I use my website without a desired domain name as well?

Yes. It is possible via the subdomains.



8. Can I use umlauts in my domain name?


Although you can use umlauts (e.g. ä, ö, ü) in your domain name, we would like to inform you that it can lead to problems when sending e-mails via this domain.



9. How can I assign a domain?


Go to the Xara Online Control Center (log in) on the right navigation in the "Domain" section. There you can assign your domains with a few clicks to your TaskPilot Website hosting space or redirect it to any other domain. Simply click on the corresponding domain on "assignment". A drop down menu will appear with a selection menu with assigning options.


10. How can I change my Xara Online user data (e-mail address, password, bank details, etc.)?

You can change your user details at any time via the Xara Online Control Center at www.xara-online.com. Simply log in and switch to "Settings" in the "My services" area. Here, you can make further changes.


11. How can I cancel my domain?

Cancellation must be submitted in writing or through our online form to MAGIX Software GmbH, Customer Care, Borsigstr. 24, 32312 Lübbecke, Germany. In text form a letter or fax to +49 (0) 5741 / 310768 is sufficient. For cancellation in text form please use our form letter for contract cancellation or domain cancellation if possible. Doing this expedites processing.